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I brought three other of my employees with me to the conference.  There was something for everybody during the entire set of sessions.  In fact, sometimes we had to make tough choices to attend sessions and missed other sessions that we would have liked to attend. That's actually a good problem to have!

~Michael Kirby,
  Franklin Sports Inc

You're missing out if you didn't attend this conference.  Great review of what is available and the many opportunities to further excel within the business system.

~Tom Rodes,
   Cone Drive Operations

inPOWER 2019 was a great way to see where INFOR XA is heading and to connect with industry experts and friends.

~Joseph Young,
  Exotic Metals Forming Co.

I was exposed to material that could be used directly upon my return to the office!

~Matthew McLaughlin,
  CPI Aero

Networking with other users as well as all of the channel partners is a great way to learn as well as help other users. I was in several sessions where the attendees actually had input that helped the presenters! If you have never been to a conference like this I would highly recommend going to the next one."

~ David Tackett,
   Dorel Home Furnishing

inPOWER is an excellent forum to network with peers and ask the relevant questions you gather throughout the year. We all know IT never sleeps. Things are always on the move with emerging technology as well as mature technology. My advice, don't just sit on the sidelines spectating. Get out ... and ask questions and seek answers.


~Timothy Keys,

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